Why it will be so hard to rent a car in Málaga and the Costa del Sol in summer 2021

Car rental companies sold most of their fleets, to survive the pandemic – mostly at deep discount prices and cancelled  orders for new cars.

Now  the time has come that people start to travel again to Spain, Andalusia and the Costa del Sol. Summer and autumn 2021 is expected to make a comeback with strong  demand for car hire. There are more people renting a car because they feel safer travelling by car at the moment  compared to public or shared transport. There is also a tendency to book private holiday houses or apartments, and people rent cars for longer periods of time, again this is taking cars out of rental car availability.

Due to manufacturer shortages caused by factory shutdowns it’s hard for rent a car companies, so also for Autos Calahonda, to purchase new vehicles to expand the fleet and this is leading to car shortage. There will be no cars available at many dates and prices are also rising.

Make sure your new priority for summer and autumn 2021 is booking  your car rental with Autos Calahonda  well in advance, don’t wait until the last minute. It’s in your best interest to start looking for a car as soon as you start to plan your next trip. This is the most important way to ensure that you have a car rental, and that you don’t end up paying more than you have to for it.

Make sure your first holidays after the pandemic will be as stress free  as you deserve and let us help you to achieve that with our all inclusive prices and our personalized customer service. Don’t wait any longer, book now and directly with Autos Calahonda. We are a family company and offer a reliable 24/7 car hire service with no intermediaries.

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